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illustrator and graphic apparel professional living in NYC.

this a home for my random scribblings, origjnal characters, poorly conceived takes on fashion, and hopefully some comics eventually. learning how to draw again, one day at a time!

this is my personal art tumblr -- please no REPOSTS ( re-blogs are fine! ) thanks <3

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pegasus poodle guard

porcupine guard

nothing much in terms of originality ( this looks pretty much like the fuckload of anime/video game stuff out there ), but i do enjoy drawing armor < 3 

nope, john’s not cheating on ryder — just too lazy to draw his tatts  >.> 

my first walk cycle — predictably, very terrible

EDIT: omg post #100!!!!

summer is here but my brain doesn’t want to accept it and i will keep drawing people wearing coats basically forever.


this trio lives on a planet called Purgatoire. Jacques is an automaton trying to gain humanity, Henry is the lone survivor of a collapsed kingdom, and Nina is a kitsune that Henry rescued from a band of rogue nephilim ( and thereafter became his guardian ). they each have different motives — Jacques driven by enlightenment, Henry driven by revenge, Nina driven by purpose. Purgatoire is 1000x the size of planet earth, containing a majority population of technologically advanced automatons. Humanity is medieval in nature and has been reduced to small pockets. In the legends of Henry’s society, most of humanity allegedly fled the planet. 

obviously i have to work on the lore and creating more characters, but the framework for a story ( or at least more pictures ) is slowly coming together :3